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Ministerio IDE Evangelism School, Brazil

Sponsored Mongol Rally summer 2011. The goal of the rally is to raise money in order to support charity work with Mongolian families, orphans, and street children.

Ministerio Ide Evangelismo is a school located in Brazil. We send down a variety of school supplies for the children to be able to use. To view some photos of the children at the school click here! 

Computer Literacy Program with Boston College at the Model School in Ejisu, Ghana. Working in local schools since 2005 to supply computer, internet access and solar energy. Program Director with world computer exchange of Hull, MA. Click here for more information. Link to Ghana webpage. To View some photos from previous trips click here!

Computer Literacy, The Model School, Ejisu, Ghana

Salem to Mongolia 

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), Honduras 

NPH is a special orphanage in Hondurus that houses, feeds, and educates orphans from Honduras. NPH also has orphanages in other central American and South American countries.